The Tucana Teardrop has landed

Striking retro styling, coupled with the latest features at an incredible price, the all new teardrop camper is here!

Stonegate Industries has taken the compact camping market by storm with the new edition of their much-loved Tucana teardrop caravan.

Room for Activities

The Tucana may look small, but the fold
out annex ensures room for anything and everyone!

Retro Styling

Modern and sophisticated engineering meets
retro design and styling for a truly unique camper.

Light Weight

The Tucana has an Ultra-light Tare Weight of 750 KG

Double Bed

Double size bed that easily converts into lounge area

Kitchen Comfort

Dometic gas cooktop & sink come standard

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Plenty of Room

Sleep more with a large size fully enclosed tent

Off-road Suspension

Full off-road independent suspension

Extra Leisure

Digital TV, Stereo Sytem, Sirocco Fan and A/C (Optional)

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