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Maleny Report

Durability test of Stonegate Outdoor glamping tents

Location: Private property on Ocean View Road, Maleny, at 400m elevation, south-facing towards Glasshouse mountains

Initial set up date: 30th Sept 2021

Demise date: 28th May 2022

bell tent

Purpose of the report

To test the durability of the Stonegate canvas in the harsh Australian climate so we can continue to develop the best product for our customers!

Key points

• One of our 5m Stonegate Glamping tent was set up on an exposed area of land at 400m elevation, facing south during on the worst recorded weather periods in history.

• The tent endured very strong winds up to roughly 80km/h.

• Survived the 2022 QLD floods, in addition to experiencing double the average rainfall at 3260mm between September 2021 to May 2022.

• The tent’s durability far exceeded our expectations. Our 360gsm heavy duty canvas was proven to extensively extended the lifespan and durability of the tent. The interior of the tent stayed dry till the end, with no tears on the canvas present at the time of disassembling.

• This experiment was done without waterproofing, demolding or cleaning of the tent at all, so the capabilities of this tent when used with correct maintenance make it a strong option for longer-term accommodation.

After receiving our first shipment of our custom designed and high-durability Stonegate Outdoors canvas glamping tents, we were eager to get them out in the wild to see first-hand the quality of the 360GSM canvas we had worked so hard to get. Using a good friend’s property in Maleny, north of Brisbane, we assembled a ‘sacrifice’ tent on an especially exposed part of the property, with the intent of leaving it there for as long as possible.

The aim of this was to test the natural durability of the canvas and to provide us with an accurate insight as to how long the fabric would last, with no re-waterproofing or demolding. Apart from periodic visits and photographic updates from the property owner, the only interference with the tent was from the local cows who found it quite enjoyable to scratch their behind on the nice clean canvas!

What a time of year that we chose to run this experiment, with some of the most wild weather our state has ever seen lashing the sunshine coast, and our beloved tent. As expected, with no re-waterproofing, small amounts of moisture found their way into the tent which over the hot summer months results in some areas of mildew growth. This highlights the important (and simple!) re-weathering treatment that should be done to long-term glamping tent use. We were extremely impressed however, at the overall durability of the fabric, and at the time of disassembling, there were no tears on the fabric whatsoever. Many pegs had come loose over time with the strong winds, but with some re-hammering, it stood strong. The one weakness which ultimately brought our beloved tent down was a friendly cow who decided to sit on the tent, bringing the pole down. Note to customers – cows will love this tent as much as you!

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