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5m diameter suitable for 8-12 people

360° full mesh wall design

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  • Professional users
  • Festival organisers
  • Function and event planers
  • Camping retreats and farm stay hosts
  • Glamping sites and companies
  • Wedding hire and planners
  • Temporary commercial accommodation solutions


  • Double wall set up, an upgrade from our already popular 5m bell tents
  • 5m diameter suitable for 8-12 people
  • Ultimate ventilation, designed to suit our hot climate
  • 360° full mesh wall design
  • High quality glamping tent made using extra heavy-duty 360GSM cotton canvas
  • Eight high and low vents in total all with sewn-in mosquito netting
  • Sand / beige colour which blends in with nature
  • EU standard Flame-Resistant Canvas
  • Perfect for camping and semi-permanent set ups
  • Engraved custom metal guy adjusters
  • 560 GSM PVC bucket-style floor
  • Separate bags for pegs and poles
  • Repair patch for canvas and mesh
  • Heavy duty protect cover available soon


  • Fits four queen-sized beds and accommodates comfortably up to 8 adults or 12 children
  • 3m central pole allows for plenty of headroom and standing space. Move around in comfort!
  • Added mesh wall which allows the canvas sides to be rolled up and leave the heavy duty mosquito netting zipped in place.
  • Be a serious and sustainable event host – can be left up semi-permanently and used time and time again
  • Built-in chimney flap for hot-tenting Built-in chimney flap for use with a wood-burning stove
  • Made from 100% natural, waterproof, breathable and fire resistant 360gsm cotton canvas, one of the highest standards on the market
  • Heavy-duty PVC waterproof, zipped-in 560gsm groundsheet to keep you dry
  • Protected A/C flap and pass-throughs to run power cords into the tent without affecting waterproofing
  • Setup can be completed in 15 minutes
  • Four windows and four top vents with sewn-in mosquito nets to keep the breeze in and the bugs out
  • Stock held at our Brisbane warehouse ready for dispatch

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Diameter (footprint): 5M
Height (apex): 3M
Height (doors): 1.7M


Box: 90 x 40 x 40cm
Bag: 90 x 38 x 38cm


Our high-quality glamping tent far exceeds the standards, longevity and sustainability of our cheaper competitors. If you are after the best option for long-term use that can withstand our harsh Australian climate, then look no further!


The ultimate parties were in mind when designing our top range 5m glamping tent. Stonegate 5m bell tents are the ideal size for impressive glamping getaways, festival accommodation and outdoor gatherings and events. With a 3m tall central pole and spacious 5m radius, the 5m bell tent can be a comfortable shelter for up to 18 people standing or 8-10 people to sleep in, which makes it the ultimate must-have if you are looking to wow your guests or have your crew travel in total style for your next trip. The 5m bell tent’s sturdy build, quality materials and heavy-duty waterproofing also makes it suitable as semi-permanent feature. Perfect for regular party-throwers!


The 5m bell has a generously-sized entrance standing 1.7m high x 1.35m wide, so there’s no awkward crawling into the tent after a couple of wines by the campfire. All this is packed into a 90cm x 38cm carry bag made from the same grade of durable canvas as the tent itself, making it a breeze to throw in the boot on your way to a festival or next campsite.


Our 100% cotton canvas is fire retardant, adhering to one of the strictest fire standards (EN-02014). It is the most heavy-duty canvas currently being used on canvas glamping tents in Australia. At 360GSM, the bell tent canvas is UV resistant and will outshine any poly or poly-cotton fabric when it comes to durability. In addition to this, canvas provides amazing breathability to keep you dry and cool on those sticky, humid days. This bell tent features reinforced tension points with double-stitched seams, making it sturdy and durable even when the winds pick up.


Made from extra heavy duty 600D Oxford Fabric, rated at 10,000mm waterproof and snowproof.  This is possibly the best protector cover for the bell tent available out there.  It will double the lifespan of our state of the art StoneGate bell tents. It’s a must have for semi-permanent set ups, and purchased with over 80% orders from commercial users, and almost 50% of personal users.


There’s nothing more attractive than looking after the planet. Not only do these beauties look great (if we do say so ourselves!), but we also pride ourselves on stocking camping and outdoors products that are built to last and discourage the use of throw-away tents and cheap poly-blend glamping tent alternatives. Be on trend whilst knowing you are investing in a quality product that will be used time and time again.


We know how unforgiving our great outdoors can be, which is why we have designed this Stonegate 500 Pro bell to have a large A-frame entrance for easy access, and the state of art full mesh wall designs to allow ultimate air flow and breezeability. All vents and windows can still be individually opened and closed and in-built insect-proof screens which maintain your privacy while keeping the insects out.


We use a 560GSM PVC groundsheet that is completely waterproof. It works hand-in-hand with the eaves created by the outer pegs and bungee strips, making a floor which curves upwards right at the edge. This keeps you dry from the ground up in wet conditions and allows for the rain to easily flow over the vents, keeping the inside perfectly dry. No need to worry about wet pillows!


All Stonegate bell tents come with twisted extra heavy-duty pegs to guarantee the tent can be set up in all terrains. The center pole is made from hard, anodized steel, and the customised metal tensioners are easy to use and built to last. The carry bag and peg pack are also made from the same heavy-duty canvas as the tent to ensure many years of adventure ahead.
Stonegate Industries


We are located in Coopers Plains, Brisbane and have a dedicated customer service team that can answer any questions or queries you may have. Reach us anytime between 9-4 AEST. We love chatting with our customers! Otherwise, email [email protected] and we will get back to you.
Please note: Although our Stonegate Glamping Tents are built for the commercial purposes at the highest standard. It is important to keep in mind that protective covers, regular maintenance and close attention are needed to reach the best possible lifespan of your glamping tent. Especially if your are planning to use the tents for semi permanent set ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a Stonegate Outdoors glamping tent?

The bell tent is a classic design which is a popular and practical option for many campers. Those seeking comfort and space while camping love these tents for exactly that reason. Stonegate Outdoors in particular use extra heavy duty 360gsm cotton canvas and 560gsm waterproof flooring, making ours the go-to choice for those serious about quality products. We pride ourselves on sustainable camping and intend for these products to last for many, many years.

What size glamping tent should I buy?

The 3.5m tipi tent is perfect for couples, kids play areas and parties, or sleepovers, it’s light weight and swift, under 10mins, setting up time made it perfect for your next hiking adventure.

The 4m glamping tent comfortably sleeps 4 but can fit up to 8 people. It is perfect for longer getaways, wedding guest accommodation, scouting and backyard camping.

The 5m glamping tent comfortably sleeps 8 people but can fit up to 10-12 single mattresses. It is perfect for families, groups of friends, scouting, festivals and accomodation for groups.

The 6m glamping tent comfortably sleeps 12 people but can fit up to 18 single mattresses. It is the most suitable size for commercial users like festival organizers, function and wedding planners, couching groups, glamping retreats and air bnbs.

What kind of warranty is included?

Our bell tents come with a standard 1 year manufacturers warranty. Please check your product upon receiving for any faults and advise us immediately so we can rectify them. Our products are not covered under warranty if used outside their purpose. These bell tents are designed for short term use and may not be covered if left up for extended periods of time. If left up in adverse weather, the canvas must be regularly re-waterproofed and treated for mould to ensure longevity of the material. For further information please refer to our Shipping & Return policy.

Can the bell tents be erected by one person? Are they heavy to carry?

Smaller bell tents can be easily erected by one person. The larger 5 – 6m bell tents are best erected with two people. Setup can be done in 15mins. Weight of the tents varies from 20kg to 50kg, so may require two people to carry the larger models.

Are the glamping tents waterproof?

Because of the nature of canvas, it is not inherently waterproof. This is because the fabric naturally has many, tiny gaps where the threads of the fabric intertwine, and until these expand to close the gaps, water may be able to seep through. Weather-proofing is a very easy process, and we recommend it to be done at home in the backyard before your first camping adventure. To do this, assemble the glamping tent as normal, spray over with a hose to simulate a period of rain, then leave to dry naturally. Once this has been repeated a few times, the canvas should be completely waterproof. Exposure to UV radiation reduces waterproofing, and therefore this needs to be repeated from time to time, however if you are leaving the tent erected long-term, we highly recommend using a suitable canvas reproofing product such as Bradproof Reproofing compound, especially in damp, overly humid or tropical environments. Please see our Advice for Longterm Use article.

Can I use a wood burner stove in my tent?

All of our larger glamping tents come with a flame retardant opening that is suitable for compatible stove burners. When using the built-in flap, the opening means that this is no longer waterproof. To work around this, we offer a piece of heat-proof material that can be cut to the size of your wood burner chimney pipe, and affixed to your tent to create a waterproof opening. For more information or advice on this, please speak to our friendly staff. Stonegate advises that extra care must be taken at all times when using wood burners within your glamping tent, and can accept no responsibility for damage or injury that may occur when using. We advise to always keep a Stanley knife or similar in case you need to evacuate your tent in case of fire and it would be sensible to keep a small fire extinguisher handy. You must ensure there is plenty of ventilation in your tent while using a stove. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur by exhaust fumes leaking from your stove and insufficient ventilation. It is silent and very dangerous and we do not recommend sleeping with your stove on overnight. Please ensure you are properly educated and equipped before using a hot stove in your glamping tent. All of our glamping tents are made with EU- standard flame retardant canvas.

Can my Stonegate Outdoors glamping tents be used as long-term accommodation?

We pride ourselves on using the most durable materials with our glamping tents, however they are designed to be used for short-term and temporary use as per the warranty. Having said that, we recently erected a 5m glamping tent in Maleny and left it up for 8 months unattended to test its durability. In the end, it was a cow that brought on the tents demise, however we were very impressed at how well it survived and remained relatively dry inside, despite experiencing wild winds and major rain events during that time. Our customers have experienced great results from leaving their tents up for longer-term use, however it is important to re-waterproof and treat for mould for maximum enjoyment.

Can the tents grow mould on them?

If the canvas becomes wet, or is packed away without being completely dry, in humid conditions mould is likely to grow on the canvas, due to the nature of the material. It is therefore important to ensure that the tent is completely dry when you pack it away, and that it is stored in a dry environment when not in use. Ensure all debris such as fallen leaves and dirt is removed from the tent before packing away. Unfortunately the Queensland climate in particular is quite prone to mould growth given our humid months, so it is important this is treated quickly to avoid damage or staining of your glamping tent. If you find mould on your tent, act quickly before it spreads. White vinegar is an effective mould remover. Mix up one part vinegar with four parts water into a spray bottle. Spray the effected area, leave for 15-20mins, then lightly scrub with soft brush or wet cloth. Ensure that the effected area is left to dry in direct sunlight. This will also help to kill the mould. Alternatively a tent shampoo such as Stimex tent cleaner will help to remove and mould or mildew.

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