Aluminium Trundle Drawer For Sale 1740mm X 800mm X 200mm


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Enhance your ute with our under tray trundle drawer, designed for resilience and convenience. Made from high-grade 2.5mm aluminium flat plate, weather and dust-resistant, ensuring your tools stay dry and protected.


Thickness: 2.5mm Flat Plate Aluminium
Locking System: 1 Whale Lock
Welding: Full Welded Toolbox
Rubber Seal: Curved Dust/Water Seal
Gas Struts: 2 Gas Struts
Keys: 2 Keys
Hinge: Stainless Steel Piano Type Hinge
Product Dimensions: • Length: 1740mm
• Width: 800mm
• Height: 200mm
Inside Dimensions of the Drawer: • Length: 1560mm
• Width: 650mm
• Height: 85mm

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