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Safety Chain Attachment Statement 2024

By March 25, 2024March 27th, 2024Useful Information

Compliance with ADR 62/02

The Australian Design Rule 62/02 – Mechanical Connections Between Vehicles (ADR 62/02) provides comprehensive guidelines for safety chain attachment points on trailers. At Stonegate Industries, we ensure that our safety chains and attachment method not only align with these requirements but also surpass the benchmarks set by the Australian Design Rules (ADR) for vehicle safety, particularly for trailers with an Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) up to 3.5 tonnes.

As per ADR 62/02, safety chains must be affixed to a substantial structural member on every trailer, furthermore safety chains must comply with AS 4177.4 – 2004, which outlines safety chains up to 3500 kg capacity. Each safety chain must withstand specific static forces without incurring any residual deformation or separation of components, ensuring the integrity and safety of the connection.

Our Attachment Method

Our safety chain attachment method complies with ADR 62/02, it involves the first link of the chain being welded directly to the drawbar. This technique is not only efficient but also robust, providing a secure and durable connection crucial for safety. The welding process is carried out with detailed instructions and under strict quality control measures to ensure consistency and reliability in every trailer we produce. Our safety chain attachment method is also tested by an accredited, registered testing facility, ensuring it can withstand the operational stresses defined in the ADR 62/02.

Rigorous Testing and Verification

To validate our commitment to safety and compliance, we have our safety chains (both galvanised and uncoated) rigorously tested by an RVSA-approved testing facility. This facility conducts an array of tests to evaluate the strength and durability of our safety chains, ensuring they can withstand the operational stresses defined in the ADR 62/02 and AS 4177.4 – 2004. The positive results from these tests are a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards.

10mm Safety Chain Test Report

13mm Safety Chain Test Report


At Stonegate Industries, we understand that our customers rely on us not only for quality products but also for peace of mind that comes from knowing they are compliant with national safety standards. Our adherence to ADR 62/02 in our safety chains and attachment method is a prime example of this commitment. By rigorously testing and verifying our processes, we ensure that every trailer that leaves our facility meets the highest standards of safety and compliance.

We hope this insight into our processes reaffirms your trust in Stonegate Industries as a leader in trailer manufacturing. Safety and compliance are not just regulatory requirements for us; they are integral to our ethos and our promise to you, our valued customers.

Stay safe and compliant with Stonegate Industries.

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