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Wheel Bearing Maintenance

Essential Wheel Bearing Maintenance for All Types of Trailers

Did you know that wheel bearing failure is a leading cause of incidents for all types of trailers? Wheel bearings are critical components that are both cost-effective and straightforward to maintain, which is essential for the longevity and safety of your trailer.

Regular servicing and replacement of wheel bearings by your nearest Stonegate Trailers provider, as per our recommended service intervals, is highly advised. However, it’s also vital to conduct your own checks in between professional inspections.

Here are some easy steps for a basic wheel bearing examination:

  1. Securely position and lift one side of your trailer so that the wheels can rotate freely.
  2. Manually spin the wheel at a consistent speed and then let it coast. Listen for any abnormal sounds such as grinding, clicking, or rumbling. These noises might indicate that the bearings need professional servicing or replacement.
  3. Hold the wheel at its extremities and gently rock it without rotating. Any noticeable play might suggest that your bearings require adjustment or replacement. Contact your Stonegate Trailers dealer or arrange for a bearing check-up.
  4. Remove the grease cap or bearing buddy to inspect the grease condition. If you observe contamination or rust, it’s time to get in touch with your dealer for a bearing service.
  5. Grease appearing on the inside of the rims is a significant indicator that the seals might need replacement.

Remember, proper maintenance of wheel bearings is key to ensuring the safe and smooth operation of any trailer.

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